Mandarin Occidental

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Designed in Europe, Gracefully Handcrafted in the UAE

Tote Composition:

  • Exterior: 59 % linen, 41% cotton
  • Amber Interior: 100% Cotton
  • Black  Piping: 63% PAN and 37% cotton
  • Handles: 100% natural bamboo
  • Size: 43x34x10cm

Intrigued by the name of this tote? The term "mandarin" does not refer to the hue of this Manuel Canovas fabric but rather to its etymology and historic significance. Mandarin, derived from Sanskrit, was the name given to 16th century Chinese officials and attendants to the emperor. The word was brought to the occident by the Portuguese explorers and was later adopted into the English language in order to describe government officials. As it happens, the eponymous citrus fruit derives its name from the Chinese mandarin's robes.

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