It all started with the monkeys. It was in a boutique in Vienna that Alex found herself awestruck with an extraordinary Chinoiserie fabric of monkeys holding umbrellas. Shortly after that, inspired by the exotic fabric, she bought the first set of bamboo handles and headed to her tailor to discuss the details of her very first bag. The (then unnamed) bag “Monkey Business” was born. 

Back in Abu Dhabi, she realised that this first ever bag could be the start of a great adventure and decided to embark on this business journey. Atelier Bamboo started off with the idea that the bag was remarkable enough to be shared with other fashion lovers. Luckily, the process grew organically, with exclusivity and quality in mind.

Atelier Bamboo stands for the uniqueness and the fine handcraft of the tote itself and highlights the bamboo as the common link to all our creations.


Willing to share her creations and inspire others, she embarked on a Voyage Extraordinaire – Atelier Bamboo.

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