A Story Worth Telling 

At Atelier Bamboo, we believe that there are stories only you can live — precisely the ones worth wearing. 

No matter whether it is in the lively markets of Marrakech, Zanzibar or the Seychelles, or in the exquisite cafes of Vienna, London or Dubai, we are committed to seeking out the extraordinary. We personally handpick the most vibrant colours, intriguing motifs, exotic and audacious fabrics for our stories, which are then carefully and ethically curated in our workshop in Abu Dhabi. The elegant piping is gracefully manufactured in France, following a 100-year tradition.

As with all the finest things in life, our high-end totes come in limited editions. Each of our creations is designed to inspire the wearer to travel and embrace the alluring promise of their destination. Each of our bags is one of a kind, hand-crafted with exquisite detail. The only thing our creations share is the bamboo handle, easily recognisable to a fellow Atelier Bamboo adventurer.

Our bags begin as a blank canvas and undergo, much like ourselves, a multicultural journey of becoming. Atelier Bamboo creates for the bold and the free, for the boho art lovers and the statement-makers — for those nomads who wander the world and spread their magic in a perpetual search of l’extraordinaire in their everyday life. 

Which story will you choose to tell?  Where will your story begin? 

Atelier Bamboo. Bags for the stories you cannot tell. Bags for the stories we wear. Bags for voyages extraordinaires.

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