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Designed in Europe, Gracefully Handcrafted in the UAE 

Pouch Composition:

  • Exterior: 100% Cotton;
  • Yellow Interior: 100% Cotton;
  • White Piping: 63% PAN and 37% Cotton;
  • Turquoise Zipper: Riri;
  • Size: ca. 33 x 23 cm.

Spacious and fun pouch/ vanity bag to fit in all your essentials - even a 13 inch tablet. Closes with a Riri zipper. 

Medusa - one of the life stages of jellyfish. Did you know that some species are biologically immortal? So the Turritopsis Dohrnii jellyfish. Their ability to switch back and forth between life stages in response to stress means that, in theory, they could live forever. 

(source: Australian Academy of Science/

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